5 Paragraph Essay

five paragraph essay burgerWriting an essay is not a piece of cake. Depending upon the nature of topic and your expertise, you have to decide which type to follow for writing. There are many type s of essays: persuasive essays, narrative essays, critical essays. There is one type that amazed me, and that was: 5 paragraph essay.

The structure of the 5 paragraph Essays: The 5 paragraph best essays consist of actually 5 paragraphs only! And you have to sum up the whole discussion form start to finish in those 5 paragraphs. The first paragraph is the introductory paragraph. I’ll be telling you the details in a minute. The second, third and fourth paragraphs comprise of the body of the essay and the write has to complete the discussion in these paragraphs. The last paragraph is for the conclusion.

First paragraph- the introduction: In this paragraph, not only do you have to mention the statement of the thesis or the topic of the essay but you also have to throw some light over the need of that topic. In short, it is all about the usual introductions that are given at the start of writings. Remember you have to end the paragraph with something that makes the reader continue to read on.

Second, third and fourth paragraphs- the body of the essay: In the second paragraph, you have to start with the most exciting and amazing argument for example, or something that really attracts the reader and takes him towards the middle of the writing. The second paragraph must have the second strongest argument and the third paragraph must have the weakest argument. In each paragraph, the arguments must lead to the introductory paragraph’s topic statement.

Fifth paragraph – the conclusion: In this paragraph, you have the last chance to convince the reader about the main topic. So, you have to restate the topic statement and revise the three arguments presented in the body of the paragraph. Make sure the ending is good from reader’s point of view. It has to include:

  1. The main statement of the topic you originally stated in the introductory paragraph
  2. The main argument of the discussion, plus the other two weaker arguments have to be stated as well.
  3. The final statements that must make the reader realize that the discussion has ended but makes the reader still ponder over the issue for a couple of seconds after reading.

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