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Surprisingly Bad Habits Students Might Follow

23-jan-cIt is not so difficult to guess what kind of bad habits most students might have. At the same time there are some recommendations given by teachers, parents and advisors, which are supposed to bring you to success, but actually they don’t. If you have the feeling that some rulesdon’t help you to improve grades and even demotivate you, probably it is better to rethink the strategy avoiding these bad study habits. Continue reading “Surprisingly Bad Habits Students Might Follow” »

How to Write Effective Science Articles?

science_articlesScience articles are little different from formal academic writings. The reason for this difference lies in a simple fact that articles are based on the results obtained from an experiment. Generally, you find this type of articles in scientific journals or magazines. A writer may not need to necessarily be a scientist himself but writing science articles certainly require scientific sense and intelligence. These scientific articles take account of different fields of studies like biology, zoology, medicine, geology, chemistry, physics, space technology, mathematics, engineering, archeology and other physical and natural sciences. Continue reading “How to Write Effective Science Articles?” »

Are You Familiar with a 529 Plan?

MONEY101-SAVINGANDPAYINGFORCOLLEGE-whatisa529planEdward Jones, a financial services firm, found in a survey that 62% of American has no clue about a 529 plan; they think ‘529 day’ stands for May 29.

Conducted by Opinion Research Corporation, this survey included 1,006 respondents. It highlighted the problem many Americans are currently facing with the ever-increasing costs of higher education. There has been an increase of 8% in tuition costs of 4-year degree from 2010 to 2011, and things are likely to get worse. Continue reading “Are You Familiar with a 529 Plan?” »

Key stages in writing an essay

6-Steps-to-mHealth-SuccessNot everyone is lucky enough to have the skills required to take up essay writing. It is a complex task requiring a writer’s total commitment and concentration. Unfortunately, for many students, essay writing can be as daunting as a 1000-mile uphill hike, and they give up simply at the thought of it. The secret, however, is to divide your essay writing task into small, manageable steps. This will transform essay writing from a nightmare into a sweet dream. Continue reading “Key stages in writing an essay” »

How to Structure Essay?

ozessay-five-paragraph-essay-structure-hamburgerEssay writing is difficult but essay writing using the exact format and structure is even more crucial. Making this tough task easy, follow guidelines for formatting and structuring essays. Online sample is another convenient way to learn the basic rules of essay writing. Concentrate on writing while writing essays. Focus on topic and try to accentuate ideas, thoughts and views. Format an outline before formulating essay. Rough draft or scratch helps to compose essays effectively. Selection of topic is also necessary for composition of an efficient essay. After selecting topic and gathering required information, structure you essay as following. Continue reading “How to Structure Essay?” »

Steps to make perfect research essays

first-stepWell, making an essay for the research project is a common routine. It is not necessary to make the full and final reports of the projects. The people who are looking for the research project reports and papers should try the best academic sources. The academic source could be the libraries, seminars and workshops in the colleges and universities. The people who are looking for the best research activities should prepare the research proposal and reports. These reports and proposals should be related to the research project you want to do. What research projects and activities are perfect for you? There are some ideas and points that can provide you assistance. Continue reading “Steps to make perfect research essays” »

Professional Writers on to Write Essays

essay_writerWhat is important to write an essay? Professional writers from answer the question. It is a special way of writing that is commonly used by the students and scientists to describe the importance and significance of the research works, projects and assignments. Are you looking for the technical writing learning points? Don’t be worried about it because you are not the only one who is seeking for the technical writing skills and learning. Continue reading “Professional Writers on to Write Essays” »

How To Deals With Words Between Subject And Verb In Essay Writing?

questionOne basic rule what writing your easy that you should is that a verb only agrees only with its subject. Occasionally, a word or group of words comes between the subject and the verb. Even though another word may be closer to the verb than the subject is, the verb must still agree in number with its subject. Continue reading “How To Deals With Words Between Subject And Verb In Essay Writing?” »