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5 Paragraph Essay

five paragraph essay burgerWriting an essay is not a piece of cake. Depending upon the nature of topic and your expertise, you have to decide which type to follow for writing. There are many type s of essays: persuasive essays, narrative essays, critical essays. There is one type that amazed me, and that was: 5 paragraph essay.

The structure of the 5 paragraph Essays: The 5 paragraph best essays consist of actually 5 paragraphs only! And you have to sum up the whole discussion form start to finish in those 5 paragraphs. The first paragraph is the introductory paragraph. I’ll be telling you the details in a minute. The second, third and fourth paragraphs comprise of the body of the essay and the write has to complete the discussion in these paragraphs. The last paragraph is for the conclusion. Continue reading “5 Paragraph Essay” »

Argumentative Essay Writing Explained!

Argumentative essay is one of the imperative types of essays because it is powerful enough to check the understanding, abilities, command and concepts of the students about a subject. Most of the students are scared of this type of essay because they think it is very hard from a writer’s perspective to persuade a reader over a topic –which is wrong, however. Continue reading “Argumentative Essay Writing Explained!” »

Advice for Term Paper Writers

Fresh graduates are faced with endless possibilities in the real world. If one just knows
how to look, there are numerous opportunities in the job market. However, the recent economic recession and financial crisis have made a more cut-throat competition in job hunting. Suddenly, everybody needs money. Any source (or extra source) of income is very much welcome, provided that time permits. High-ranking professionals, rank-and-file employees, retirees, stay-at-home parents, students – all of them will, at some point, find extra source of income to make life better. For students, there are several possibilities. Others will try their hand at babysitting. Being a part-time store clerk is also an option. Of course, waitressing in a restaurant or a bar is popular among teenagers. Continue reading “Advice for Term Paper Writers” »