Key stages in writing an essay

6-Steps-to-mHealth-SuccessNot everyone is lucky enough to have the skills required to take up essay writing. It is a complex task requiring a writer’s total commitment and concentration. Unfortunately, for many students, essay writing can be as daunting as a 1000-mile uphill hike, and they give up simply at the thought of it. The secret, however, is to divide your essay writing task into small, manageable steps. This will transform essay writing from a nightmare into a sweet dream.

The key stages of essay writing are listed and discussed below:

  • Selecting a Topic. Selecting a topic is the first of the key stages of essay writing. You should pay close attention to this stage, applying your complete concentration and thoughtfulness. Luckily, in most cases, your tutors will make this task easier by suggesting a topic for you.
  • Brainstorm key aspects. After getting the essay topic, the very next step is to brainstorm key ideas connected with it. The uniqueness and quality of your essay depends on the number of ideas you come up with and the way you develop them.
  • Searching for the related literature and information . Every research essay should be based on factual data from reliable sources in order to provide a strong basis for future research. Assuming your data is relevant and up-to-date you can then filter out the most appropriate information and include it in your essay.
  • How to formulate the statement? The first line or statement forms the foundation; the starting point from which your work will develop. So it is absolutely vital that this is a strong comment; one that will support your overall essay research work. This is a crucial stage and you must find a really strong phrase to base your overall essay on.
  • Draft writing. It is recommended that you write several drafts from different perspectives linked to your main topic. These drafts will help you to choose the idea that is more closely related to your opening statement and allow you to work on that. These drafts also help you to spot potential mistakes and irrelevant information.
  • The Importance of Proofreading and Editing. Too many writers and students neglect the importance of proofreading and editing, imagining that proofreading and editing will do little to improve their finished essay. But, in fact, it can dramatically improve your ability to write a good essay, and even produce the best essay by eliminating embarrassing mistakes.

You should remember that each of the above stages has its own importance and essence when producing a quality essay. By sticking strictly to these steps you will not only create an appealing composition but, more importantly, your best essays.

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