Surprisingly Bad Habits Students Might Follow

23-jan-cIt is not so difficult to guess what kind of bad habits most students might have. At the same time there are some recommendations given by teachers, parents and advisors, which are supposed to bring you to success, but actually they don’t. If you have the feeling that some rulesdon’t help you to improve grades and even demotivate you, probably it is better to rethink the strategy avoiding these bad study habits.

1 Find a study friend

First of all, let’s try to understand why students are usually advised to find a study friend. The most common approval in that this person can motivate you to study every day control you in some way and help to write some college papers that seem difficult for you. Actually, such way of study can become a disservice. You should, feel responsible for everything you do. Who can be a decision-maker when it is your success?

Get your own motivation and habit to study daily and always be ready with the assignment. Even if you feel that you cannot accomplish the essay in time, find the best custom essay service and ask them to fulfill this piece of writing for you. It is also a kind of study friend, but you apply to it in the case of emergency and can be totally confident in the result.

Another problem is that when every tough sum or paragraph is explained to you, it is difficult to learn how to make conclusions and find the ways out. Ok, you will spend several hours trying to find the answer, but next time it will be much quicker and it is a great training for your brains. However, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need friends. Sometimes, students are assigned to prepare the project together and it is an excellent opportunity to work in team and search for mutual decisions.
2 Get acquainted with new chapter before lecture

Some teachers ask their students to read the chapter before the next class. It is supposed to grasp the idea faster and easier and make you understand the topic deeper. Let’s have a look how it works. There is an opinion that revision is the best way to learn something. Ok, practice is a good helper, but at the same time absorption can play the main role.

When you come to the classroom and hear the information for the first time, you are interested, especially when the lector chooses a good way to present it. It will be like a seed that was put into the soil, after that you will come home to grow and take care of it, revising the material. So, you come to the classroom to learn and the lector to provide students with knowledge, why to spoil this logical chain?

3. Choose quiet and isolated place for study

Most parents just get furious when they see how their children fulfill tasks, having music turned on and social media opened. They say that it is just impossible to remember something in such a way. Ok, if these factors distract learner’s attention from his work, they should be definitely removed but in general in is better to search for various surroundings for work.

In adult life nobody will provide you with ideal silence to make you think, moreover some sounds make our brains work better. All in all, our study shouldn’t turn into burden, which gives only stress and exhaustion. Choose the most effective methods that work personally for you and make the process of education comfortable and pleasant.

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